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Congratulations to Eric Rivals for having developed, in collaboration with C. Hirtz and A. David (IGF/INSERM/CHU/UM), a new diagnostic method for a brain cancer.


Harnessing the ‘chemical code’ of RNA to build a tumour identity card. This method combines mass spectrometry, RNA epigenetic marks (RNA chemistry) and artificial intelligence.

Multivariate Analysis of RNA Chemistry Marks Uncovers Epitranscriptomics-Based Biomarker Signature for Adult Diffuse Glioma Diagnostics

S. Relier, A. Amalric, A. Attina, I.B. Koumare, V. Rigau, F. Burel Vandenbos, D. Fontaine, M. Baroncini, J.P. Hugnot, H. Duffau, L. Bauchet, C. Hirtz,* E. Rivals,* and A. David*

Analytical Chemistry 2022


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