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IDH Team: Interactive Digital Humans


IDH Team

Interactive Digital Humans

The goal of IDH (Interactive Digital Humans) is to develop robots for helping people in healthcare and industrial scenarios.
Our expertise lies in the robot software (control, perception, artificial intelligence) rather than its hardware (mechanical and electronic design).
In a nutshell, we provide existing commercial robots with the cognitive capabilities needed to help humans.
First, our robots must be capable of inferring the human intention, using multimodal sensing.
This requires solid representations of the human model, and expertise in the use of cutting edge sensors to update this model and to control the robot accordingly.
These sensors include 3D vision, tactile/proximity skins and even human-machine interfaces (BCI and EMG), with an emphasis on signal processing and machine learning applied to physiological and human movement data.
A crucial objective is that the user controls the robot in a transparent way, to ultimately feel embodied in his/her augmented avatar.
To achieve this feeling of embodiment, our robots are anthropomorphic, i.e., humanoid.
A huge research challenge consists in controlling their whole body (feet, arms, head…) to realise multiple simultaneous tasks (just as we humans do).
This often requires planning and controlling in real time the robot contact points with the environment as well as with the human user, in a manner that should be safe for robot, person and environment.
Recently, we have pushed these aspects forward, towards non-conventional manipulation, including intentional impacts, and intentional deformation of soft objects.

Joao Cavalcanti Santos, Maître de conférences, UM
Sofiane Ramdani, Maître de conférences, UM
Abderrahmane Kheddar, Directeur de recherche, CNRS
Madalina Croitoru, Professeur des universités, UM
Ganesh Gowrishankar, Directeur de recherche, CNRS
Andrea Cherubini, Professeur des universités, UM
Philippe Fraisse, Professeur des universités, UM

Associates & Students
Ahmed Zermane, Gouv. Algérien
Maelys Moulin, UM
Antonin Dallard, UM
Ege Gürsoy, UM
Meriem Naamani, CNRS
Louise Scherrer, CNRS
Pierre Antoine Mariot, UM
Carole Fournier, CNRS
Saber Riadh Khaldi, Gouv. Algérien
Julien Roux, UM
Sandra Victor, CNRS
Amaury Dechaux, UM
Jonas Soueidan, CNRS
Adel Dennaoui, Michelin
Mohamed Aziz Sfar Gandoura, EDF
Hugo Lefevre, CNRS
Wanchen Li, UM
Lea Boillereaux, UM

Regular Co-workers
Nadine Jacquet, CDD Ingénieur-Technicien, CNRS
Youcan Yan, CDD Chercheur, CNRS
Celia Saghour, CDD Chercheur, UM
Leo Moussafir, CDD Chercheur, CNRS
Yukiko Iwasaki, CDD Chercheur, CNRS
Yale Lee, Doctorant externe, Université Côte d’Azur
Enzo Indino, CDD Ingénieur-Technicien, CNRS
Sandrine Gayrard, CDD Chercheur, UM

  • Representing and modeling human motion (Fraisse, Cherubini, Ramdani)
    Multimodal Sensing and Control (Kheddar, Fraisse, Cherubini)
  • Physiological signal processing (Kheddar, Ramdani, Ganesh)
  • Data analysis for human-machine interfaces (Kheddar, Ramdani,Ganesh)
  • Whole body robot control (Kheddar, Fraisse)
  • Multicontact control and planning (Kheddar)
  • Physical human-robot interaction (Kheddar, Fraisse, Cherubini, Ganesh)
  • Non-conventional manipulation (Kheddar, Cherubini)
  • Embodied robotics and virtual reality (Ganesh, Kheddar)

H2020 I-AM
Jizai Body
MovCap (Mocap on the Move)