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DEXTER Team: Design and control of robotic manipulators

Yassine HADDAB
Yassine HADDAB



Design and control of robotic manipulators

The DEXTER team conducts research on design, control, and prototyping of efficient robot manipulators capable of achieving accurate and/or very quick motions, sometimes across wide workspaces and while handling heavy payloads. To reach these challenging goals, each fundamental research activity is validated by realistic experiments, an essential step in the valuation of these results with industrial partners, or with medical surgeons or clinicians.
The research topics addressed by the DEXTER team include methodologies for mechanical design, performance analysis and synthesis for parallel robots, the development of estimation protocols and the synthesis of sensor-based (e.g. force, vision) and/or model-based (e.g. predictive, adaptive) control laws.

The team emphasizes innovation with a strong mathematical modeling and mechatronics approach.

DEXTER’s main contributions are found in two main application areas:

  • Healthcare robotics, from assistive robotics to surgery
  • Parallel robotics for industrial applications requiring high speed, accuracy, large workspace and/or high payloads.

Nabil Zemiti, Maître de conférences, UM
François Pierrot, Directeur de recherche, CNRS
Ahmed Chemori, Chargé de recherche, CNRS
Marc Gouttefarde, Directeur de recherche, CNRS
Sébastien Krut, Chargé de recherche, CNRS
Olivier Company, Maître de conférences, UM
Yassine Haddab, Professeur des universités, UM
Salih Abdelaziz, Maître de conférences, UM
Philippe Poignet, Professeur des universités, UM
Cedric Girerd, Chargé de recherche, CNRS
Chao Liu, Chargé de recherche, CNRS

Associates & Students
Arthur Lacroix, UM
Alexandre Thuillier, CNRS
Camille Benoist, CARANX MEDICAL
Chenji Li, UM
Youcef Mohamed Fitas, SYMETRIE
Zeinab Awada, UM
Lénaïc Cuau, UM
Kenza Khedache, UM
Clement Robert, SYMETRIE

Regular Co-workers
Zina Bougatef, CDD Enseignant-Chercheur, UM
Ana Tacuri, CDD Ingénieur-Technicien, CNRS
Jimmy Lopez, CDD Ingénieur-Technicien, UM
Jeremy Sand, Doctorant externe, U Strasbourg
Teddy Baylet, CDD Ingénieur-Technicien, UM
Hamza El Jjouaoui, CDD Ingénieur-Technicien, CNRS
Sylvain Leclerc, CDD Ingénieur-Technicien, UM
Lucas Lavenir, CDD Ingénieur-Technicien, UM

The DEXTER team works on two main topics:

  • Surgery/assistive robotics
  • Parallel robotics
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Cable robot CoGiRo equipped with a stabilizer — ANR project DexterWide
Cable robot CoGiRo and Yaskawa SIA20F: Drilling — ANR project DexterWide