Gloria Bordogna : Geographic Information Retrieval and Spatial Queries

Mardi 16 octobre 2012, LIRMM

Gloria Bordogna, Dalmine (BG), Italy
Title: Geographic Information Retrieval and Spatial Queries

Abstract: The seminar, after introducing the main types of systems for geographic information management, will discuss the problems posed by the design of Geographic Information Retrieval Systems in relation with both the uncertainty of the tasks involved in representing documents contents and the modeling of user preferences and context.
Indexing the geographic content of documents implies dealing with the ambiguity, synonymy and homonymy of geographic names in texts. On the other side, the evaluation of queries specifying both content based conditions and spatial conditions requires representing both the vagueness and the personal user’s preferences.
The spatial condition can be specified linguistically in the query through vague terms such as “close to the North East of Milan’’, whose semantic depends on both the user’s context and perception of distance. Spatial Queries will be analysed in relation with the architectural requirements necessary for a GIR to answer them.
Finally a geographic information retrieval model and a system implementing it will be described that represents both the uncertainty in indexing the geographic documents’ content and the user’s context and preferences in evaluating flexible spatial queries.

Bio: Gloria Bordogna received the Laurea degree in Physics from the University of Milano in 1984. After a research contract at Politecnico of Milano, in 1986 she joined the National Research Council of Italy (CNR) where she currently holds the position of senior research scientist within the Institute for the study of the Dynamics of Environmental Processes (IDPA) located in Dalmine (BG), Italy. From 2003 to 2010, she was adjunct professor of Information Retrieval and Geographic Information Systems at the Faculty of Engineering of Bergamo University.In 2011 she was short listed for the position of CNR research manager.
Her research interests mainly focus on soft computing methods for the management of imprecision and uncertainty of textual and geographic information, multimedia information, retrieval models, Flexible Query Languages for Information Retrieval Systems and Data Base Management Systems, Decision making for Environmental applications. Her current research is in the field of Web information retrieval, environmental knowledge acquisition by fuzzy data mining, and multisource geographic information fusion.
She participated in several European funded projects as e-.court, Peng, Ide-Univers, and international projects EXIRPTS, and Italian projects among which the current ones RITMARE and Sistemati. She is in the editorial board of ACM SIGAPP – Applied Computing Review and of the Scientific World Journal. She is a project reviewer of Research Foundation of Flanders (FWO), Belgium for the science and technology field since 2008 , independent expert for the evaluation of Science & Technology proposals submitted to the Hellenic Republic Ministry of Education, since 2012 and remote reviewer of European Research Council Executive Agency (ERCEA peer reviewer) for the “Ideas Specific Program”, “PE5 and PE7 - Information and Communication Science, European Research Council Starting Grants”. during 2007 and 2010-2013. She also serves as a reviewer for several international journals such as IEEE Trans. on Fuzzy Systems, IEEE Trans. on Sys. Man & Cyb., FS&S, Inf. Proc. & Manag., JASIST, JGIS,
and as ERC remote reviewer of the “Ideas Specific Program”, “PE5 Information and Communication Science, European Research Council Starting Grants”.


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