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Chris Muelder : Space-Filling Approaches for Large Graph Visualization

Vendredi 30 novembre 2012, LIRMM

Chris Muelder, University of California, Davis, USA

Title: Space-Filling Approaches for Large Graph Visualization

Abstract: Network data is prevalent in many fields, including biology, sociology, politics, computer science, and more. Often, it is important to understand the topological structure of these networks. One common way to analyze a network is to visualize it with a node-link diagram, where nodes represent entities and lines are drawn between them to represent their relationships. For all but the most trivial networks, a layout must be computed that meets some aesthetic criteria. However, many real-world networks exhibit behaviors that make layout difficult, such as power-law degree distributions, small graph diameter, or dense sub-clusters. Applying traditional force-directed layouts to such networks often results in "hairballs" that are nearly unreadable. This talk will discuss clustering and fractal based methods for laying out and interactively visualizing large, real-world networks. It will also demonstrate ways to extend these approaches to networks where the topology changes over time.

Bio: Chris Muelder is a Post-doctoral researcher under Prof. Kwan-Liu Ma working with the VIDi team (Visualization & Interface Design Innovation) at the University of California, Davis. His research covers a variety of information visualization topics, including:
• Large graph layout and rendering
• Time-varying graph visualization
• Computer security visualization
• Visualization of large-scale, parallel process activity


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