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2016-03-11 What is a Decision Problem?

11 mars 2016 à 10h, salle de séminaires au LIRMM, 161 rue Ada, 34095 Montpellier, France

What is a Decision Problem? Alexis Tsoukias (DR-CNRS au LAMSADE, Paris Dauphine)
The talk introduces a general framework through which any type of decision problem should be characterisable. The aim of the framework is to show that only a finite number of primitive characteristics describe a decision problem, thus reducing the number of archetypes to a finite number of combinations. In the talk we present in some details some of these characteristics. We also provide a number of simple examples in order to show how this framework helps in categorising current decision problems, in reformulating decision problems and in constructing formal arguments for the decision aiding process.


decision problem

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