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2018-02-16 Multiagent epistemic planning

vendredi 16 février à 14h, salle des séminaires
Orateur : Andreas Herzig (DR-CNRS à l'IRIT)
Titre : Multiagent epistemic planning
Abstract :
The generation of plans for multiple agents goes beyond classical planning in that it typically involves reasoning about the agents' knowledge, including higher-order knowledge (such as knowledge about other agents' knowledge). This requires a reexamination of the relevant concepts and models. While the concepts of initial situation and goal can be adequately described in epistemic logic, the concept of an action law deserves a closer look. I point out some conceptual and computational difficulties with the dynamic epistemic logic account in terms of event models. I finally argue for a simple epistemic logic that is grounded in what the agents observe.


Systèmes Multi-Agents, Intelligence Artificielle

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