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2015-01-16 Modularisation de triplestores RDF déductifs

Vendredi 16 janvier 2015, 14:45-15:15, Federico Ulliana (Lirmm)

Modularisation de triplestores RDF déductifs

Reusing modules extracted from well-established knowledge bases allows to capitalize on the efforts made in the last years by many institutions, organizations, and domain experts, to publish quality information and make it available online. Today, this practice is crucial to ensure a coherent development of the Semantic Web.

I will present a novel approach to the extraction of modules of data and knowledge from RDF Triplestores augmented with safe inference rules, à la Datalog. Dealing with a recursive rule language poses challenging issues for defining the module semantics, and also makes module extraction algorithmically unsolvable in some cases. I will present a set of module extraction algorithms compliant with the novel semantics, and experimental results showing the succinctness of the modules extracted with this approach.

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