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2015-01-16 Programmes à contraintes : de l'acquisition à la validation

Vendredi 16 janvier 2015, 14:00-14:30, Nadjib Lazaar (LIRMM Coconut)

Programmes à contraintes : de l'acquisition à la validation

Constraint programs are declarative programs written in high-level constraint languages such as OPL (Optimization Programming Language), CHOCO, GECODE or ZINC. These programs are more and more used in the design of safety-critical or business-critical systems with, for example, application to high-frequency trading, air-traffic control, car manufacturing or hardware verification.  However, i) we need a fair expertise to write down a constraint program and, ii) as any other computer programs, constraint programs must be thoroughly tested and corrected before being used in operational mode. My research interests are mainly related to the two previous questions. In my presentation, I will give an overview on previous, ongoing and future works on constraint acquisition and constraint validation.

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