IDH: Interactive Digital Humans

The IDH team was created in the year 2010. 
Its researches mainly focus on the humanoid, and on the robotic materialization or virtual digitization of the human. IDH stands out by its interest on task requiring a human-robot interaction involving cognitive or sensory processes in the control. Those activities include the interpretation of human physiologic data (EMG, EEG, BCI, etc.), its motion and its haptic sense. Also, IDH pays particular attention to multi-contact planing using physical contact with the environment and to visio-haptic control for advanced interaction.



No permanents

Regular Co-workers

  • Pierre Gergondet

Research axes

The research activities of the IDH team belong to the three following topics:

  • the co-manipulation and human-robot collaboration
  • the human-robot control and collaboration through physiologic signals
  • the multi-contact planning and control.

Significant events

  • Brain control of humanoids by classifying the cerebral activities through functional IRM or EEG
  • IEEE Spectrum published an article on the work on active control by a human arm in FES for collaborative tasks.
  • « Best Paper Awards finalist » : IEEE/RAS IROS 2009, IEEE/RAS Humanoids 2010 et IEEE/RSJ IROS 2012.

External collaborations

  • CNRS-AIST Joint Robotics Laboratory (JRL), UMI 3218/CRT, Tsukuba, Japan. Frequent transfert of students between IDH and the JRL, use of the humanoid robot HRP-2.
  • University of Mié (Japon), Pr. Yano from the mecatronic department.
  • University of Dayton (USA), Pr. A. Murray, co-advisor of the phd thesis of S. Cotton (2010).
  • University of Rome "Foro Italico" (Italy), Pr. Cappozzo, transfert of students on the analysis of human motion and humanoid robotics.

Main publications

  • S. Lengagne, J. Vaillant, E. Yoshida, A. Kheddar 
    Generation of whole-body optimal dynamic multi-contact motions,
    International Journal of Robotics Research, Special Issue on “Motion Planning for Physical Robots Interaction”, online first, April 2013. [HAL]
  • V. Bonnet, C. Mazza, P. Fraisse, and A Cappozzo
    A least-squares identification algorithm for estimating squat exercise mechanics using a single inertial measurement unit.
    Journal of Biomechanics, 45(8):1472-1477, 2012. [HAL]
  • S. Lengagne, N. Ramdani, and Ph. Fraisse
    Planning and Fast Replanning Safe Motions for Humanoid Robot.
    IEEE Transactions on Robotics, Vol. 27, No 6, pp. 1095-1106, Décembre 2011. [HAL]
  • A. Escande and A. Kheddar
    Multi-contact Acyclic Motion Planning and Experiments on HRP-2 Humanoid
    In Motion Planning for Humanoid Robots, K. Harada, E. Yoshida and K. Yokoi Eds, ISBN 978-1-84996-219-3, pp. 161-179, 2010. [HAL]
  • S. Cotton, A. P. Murray, and P. Fraisse
    Estimation of the Center of Mass: From Humanoid Robots to Human Beings
    IEEE/ASME Transactions on Mechatronics, 14(6), pp. 707-712, Décembre 2009. [HAL]

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Activity Report

The IDH teama activity report can be downloaded from here.


Humanoid robotic, Human-robot interactions, Cognition of the human-robot and environment-robot haptic interface, Brain control and control via physiological signals, Virtual human

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