Connected Objects and Embedded Systems, Integrated Circuit Design, Testing et Characterization


  • Connected Objects and Embedded Systems
    • Thanks to our partnership with the CNFM, LIRMM researchers have access to hardware tools for prototyping on FPGA INTEL and FPGA XILINX targets and to software suites offered by INTEL (Quartus Prime, Intel HLS Compiler, DSP Builder, SDK OpenCL), and XILINX (Vivado, Vivado HLS, SDSoC, SDAccel, etc.).
    • The platform also houses an engraver (LPKF C60) for the fabrication of printed circuits and a soldering station for CMS components.
  • Integrated Circuit Design
    • The platform provides access to electronic CAD software for the design of electronic circuits and systems, from system simulation to layout to printed circuit board. Five software suites are now available: CADENCE, SYNOPSYS, SILVACO, COVENTOR and MENTOR GRAPHICS.
    • The platform has 2 calculation servers and 15 workstations.
  • Testing and Characterization
    The platform hosts equipment for the testing and characterization of integrated circuits, including:The platform has 2 calculation servers and 15 workstations.
    • A VERIGY V93000 Industrial Tester housed in the CNFM building in Montpellier.
    • A Keyence VHX Microscope (x1000).
    • A Climate Chamber (-35°C to +170°C).
    • A Shaker (196N, 9kHz).
    • Various measurement equipment, such as two 3.5-GHz Oscilloscopes, a 3-GHz Spectrum Analyzer, a 3-GHz Signal Generator, a 6705 Keysight Power Analyzer, a DN2-496-08 Spectrum Acquisition Board (60 MSamples/s).


The Microelectronics Platform is managed by the LIRMM’s Microelectronics Department. Technical Managers are responsible for platform operations in each area or research:

Connected Objects and Embedded Systems Platform: Thierry GIL

Integrated Circuit Design PlatformJeremie SALLES

Testing and Characterization Platform: Laurent DEKNYFF et Béatrice PRADARELLI (Industrial Testers)

The platforms use LIRMM’s Network Services.

Last update on 04/11/2019