ADVANSE: ADVanced Analytics for data SciencE

The research activities carried out by the project team ADVANSE deals with large databases, i.e. Big Data, especially in the field of Knowledge Discovery and Data Mining. They cover the main following areas:
• Data mining in complex databases : structured, semi-structured, multi-dimensional, qualitative, quantitative, textual, spatial and temporal, approximate, noisy or available in data warehouses (multidimensional data, aggregated, etc.) in the context of decision support;
• Data mining in dynamic databases, i.e. the data are expressed as a continuous stream of data at high speed and it is not possible to store;
• Visualization for help the decision makers to understand their data or to better understand the extracted knowledge;
Expert for many years in the field of data mining, ADVANSE focuses particularly on data related to health and the environment.



No permanents

Regular Co-workers

  • Jessica Pinaire
  • Dino Ienco, Research Fellow

Research topics

The team activities are organized in the following themes:

Important events

  • Scientific director of the EQUIPEX Géosud on WP3.1: data mining from satellite images
  • Accepted papers in major journals and conferences: ACM Transactions on Knowledge Discovery from Data (TKDD), Transactions on Fuzzy Systems, International Journal of BioMedical Informatics, Expert Systems with Applications, Data Mining and Knowledge Discovery, Pattern Recognition, Fuzzy Systems, Journal of Intelligent Information Systems, Intelligent Data Analysis, ICDM, VLDB, PKDD, PAKDD, IDA, ACM SigSpatial, Graph Drawing
  • Participation in entrepreneurship: Expernova, Satin-IP Namae Concepts. Each of these companies have been awarded of the national competition for the creation of innovative technologies (OSEO).


  • Over the years, Tattoo has established numerous collaborations that have resulted in publications and joint projects. And at the national level, we have collaborations mainly with the following laboratories: LIRIS (Lyon), GRAEC (Caen), LORIA (Nancy), INRIA (Paris/Sophia Antipolis), IRISA (Rennes), Saint Etienne, CEREGMIA (Martinique), LIP6 (Paris), LSTT (Strasbourg), ETIS (Cergy), LI (Blois), ENST (Paris), IRIT (Toulouse), Univ. Nouvelle Calédonie (Nouméa).
  • International collaborations have allowed Tatoo to work on new perspectives. Thus, recently Tatoo collaborate with: Univ. Aalborg (Denmark), Univ. Alberta (Canada), Univ. Barcelona (Spain), University of Bari (Italia), Univ. Eindhoven (The Netherlands), Univ. Ottawa (Canada), Univ. Bristol (UK), Univ. Marburg (Germany), Help Univ. (Malaisia), ITB Bandung (Indonesia), Univ. Torino (Italy), Univ. Tunis (Tunisie), Univ. Alberta (Canada), Univ. Singapore (Singapore), Univ. Waikato (Nouvelle-Zélande) et Yahoo Research (Barcelona), Univ. California at Davis (USA).


  • Projet CNES (2012-2013). Caractérisation des systèmes de cultures et de leur productivité par télédétection multi sources et fouille de données, pour la sécurité alimentaire. Partenaires : CNES, UMR Tetis, CIRAD, UR-SCA.
  • CNES Project (2012-2013). Characterization of farming systems and their productivity by multi-source remote sensing and data mining for food security. Partners: CNES, UMR Tetis, CIRAD, UR-SCA.
  • Project CNRS- Scientific Big Data Challenge - Mastodons - Amadeus (2012). The objective is to provide the scientific community in Earth and Universe Sciences with new efficient techniques for discovery and analysis of data from observational campaigns with ground or satellite instruments. Project: € 70 K - LIRMM: 18 K € - Labri, LIF, SPACE -DEV CEREGE LAM.
  • VIPP Research Project (2011-2012). This project falls within the framework of Numev Labex to define new approaches for detection of rare cells occurring in various diseases (cancer, stroke,... ) in a blood sample. Project: 1 post -doc for one year. Partners: Zenith I3M, CHU UM1
  • Transfer Project Itesoft Technology (2012-2015). The aim of the project is to provide solutions for name entity and opinion mining in documents issued from OCR. Project: € 150K. Partners: ITESOFT Team Text.
  • ANR Fresqueau (2011-2013). The objective of the project is to provide methods for analyzing hydrological data and study the associated environmental impact. Project 814 K € - part of LIRMM: 65 K €. Partners: LHYGES, LSIIT, TETIS, AQUASCOP, AQUABIO
  • ANR Datalift (2010-2013). A lift to the Web of Data. ANR CONTINT platform for publishing data on the Web. Project: € 3 million, grant LIRMM: 150 K €. Partners: INRIA, Eurécom, Mondeca, Atos, IGN, INSEE, FING..
  • EQUIPEX Géosud "Infrastructure for Spatial Information in the Territories and the Environment" about data mining approaches applied to remote sensing images from 2011 to 2016. The EQUIPEX Géosud is one of two projects selected in the Languedoc Roussillon in the first call Initiative d’Excellence. Project: € 11.5m - Part LIRMM: 90 K €.
  • Planet Data (2010-2014), EU FP7 Network of Excellence. Semantic Web project. Project value: € 8 million.
  • Transfer Project Octipas Technology 2011. The aim of the project is to provide solutions for analysing online purchases. Project: € 8'000.
  • FUI RIDER (Network and Inter-Connectivity of Classical and Renewable Energies) 2009-2012. The objective of the project is to understand the influence of human behavior on the energy efficiency of groups of buildings. Partners: Perpignan and Montpellier 2 University - Laboratory LIRMM, IES and ELIAUS, IBM, Cofely, total coronis. Project: 5 M €. First price of the Digital Green Growth in the research category - 29/11/2010.
  • Expernova 2 Project (2011-2012). The objective of this project is to continue previous work around mapping laboratories and extension requests. Project: € 35’000.
  • Transfer Project Satin- IP technology (2008-2011). The objective of the project is to propose approaches to information retrieval in heterogeneous log files. This transfer is a Cifre scholarship. Project: € 30'000.
  • Transfer Project Tecnalia Technology (Spain) from 2008 to 2011. The project objective is to provide assistance to maintenance approaches. This transfer is a Cifre scholarship further. Project value: € 30’000.


Past students

  • Phan Nhat Hai. Current Position: Post-Doc at Oregon State University, USA
  • Benjamin Duthil. Current Position: Post Doc at Universty of La Rochelle.
  • Sarrah Ayouni. Current Position: Associate Professor at University of Tunis, Tunisia.
  • Hassan Saneifar. Current Position: Engineer in Research and Development at Satin Technologies.
  • Julien Rabatel. Current Position: Post Doc at LIRMM.
  • Yoann Pitarch. Current Position: Assistant Professor at University of Toulouse.
  • Lisa Di Jorio. Current Position: Consultant in Computer Science
  • Paola Salle. Current Position: Head of the Research Department, Expertise Radiologie, Montpellier
  • Haoyuan Li. Current Position: Associate Professor, University of François Rabelais Tours, France.
  • Chedy Raissi. Current Position: researcher at the Institut National de Recherche en Informatique et en Automatique (INRIA), LORIA, Nancy, France.
  • Marc Plantevit. Current Position : Associate Professor at University Lyon 1.


Mining and knowledge management, data mining, sequential patterns, data warehouses, fuzzy ontologies, automatic annotation databases

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