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  • Workshop Overview

    One and a half decades ago, the IEEE Mixed-Signal Test Workshop (IMSTW) was inaugurated as a forum focused on test and design issues related to electronic systems with digital and analog components. In view of accelerated developments in heterogeneous system design and production, IMSTW was expended in 2008 to include new topics that address test, design for test, reliability and manufacturability of today’s sensors and sensor-based systems, as well as emerging devices and systems. Renamed to include sensors and systems, IMS3TW aims to bring together a community of researchers working on the next-generation of devices, circuits and systems. This year, IMS3TW will continue to address the traditional technology spectrum of IMSTW, in particular all aspects of analog, mixed-signal, and RF testing, but with increased attention to all aspects of current design complexity (e.g., parametric variability, power consumption, temperature effects). To guaranteeing design robustness for the new generation of nanoelectronic devices, we need to exploit self-monitoring functionality (such as self-test/-calibration), allowing the circuit or system to adapt to varying circuit parameters or functional demands. The sensors focus of the workshop will highlight all aspects of built-in sensors for device adaptation, MEMS, and biomedical applications such as lab-on-chip and implantable devices.

    Primary Topics of Interest include:

    Test & Design for (on/off-line) Test

    Verification & Design for Verification

    Reliability & Design for Reliability

    Monitoring/Diagnosis & Design for Debug/Diagnosis

    Fault and Error Modelling & Simulation

    Fault Tolerance

    Pertaining to the following systems or underlying technologies:

    Analog/Mixed-Signal Circuits
    Biomedical Circuits & Systems


    RF & Wirelessly Controlled Devices


    Optoelectronics & Photonics

    Heterogeneous Systems

    Drug Delivery Microsystems

    Implantable Devices

    Key Dates
    Submission deadline: February 26, 2010
    Notification of acceptance: April 9, 2010
    Camera-ready full papers: May 14, 2010