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Calendrier des séminaires ALGCo à venir

Mai 2022

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jeudi 12 mai
  • 0 h 00 min – 12 h 00 min Robert Ganian, «Edge-Cut Width: An Algorithmically Driven Analogue of Treewidth Based on Edge Cuts»
    Robert Ganian, «Edge-Cut Width: An Algorithmically Driven Analogue of Treewidth Based on Edge Cuts»
    0 h 00 min – 12 h 00 min

    Decompositional parameters such as treewidth are commonly used to
    obtain fixed-parameter algorithms for NP-hard graph problems. For
    problems that are W[1]-hard parameterized by treewidth, a natural
    alternative would be to use a suitable analogue of treewidth that is
    based on edge cuts instead of vertex separators. While tree-cut width
    has been coined as such an analogue of treewidth for edge cuts, its
    algorithmic applications have often led to disappointing results: out
    of twelve problems where one would hope for fixed-parameter
    tractability parameterized by an edge-cut based analogue to treewidth,
    eight were shown to be W[1]-hard parameterized by tree-cut width.

    Here, we will discuss an edge-cut based analogue to treewidth called
    edge-cut width. Edge-cut width is, intuitively, based on measuring the
    density of cycles passing through a spanning tree of the graph. Its
    benefits include not only a comparatively simple definition, but
    mainly that it has interesting algorithmic properties: it can be
    computed by a fixed-parameter algorithm, and it yields fixed-parameter
    algorithms for all the aforementioned problems where tree-cut width
    failed to do so.

vendredi 13 mai
samedi 14 mai
dimanche 15 mai
lundi 16 mai
mardi 17 mai
mercredi 18 mai
jeudi 19 mai
  • 10 h 00 min – 11 h 00 min Maximilian Gorsky, «Matching Theory, Hamiltonicity, and Barnette's Conjecture»
    Maximilian Gorsky, «Matching Theory, Hamiltonicity, and Barnette's Conjecture»
    10 h 00 min – 11 h 00 min

    Barnette’s Conjecture claims that all cubic, 3-connected, planar, bipartite graphs are Hamiltonian. We give a translation of this conjecture into the matching-theoretic setting. This allows us to relax the requirement of planarity to give the equivalent conjecture that all cubic, 3-connected, Pfaffian, bipartite graphs are Hamiltonian.

    A graph is a brace if it is bipartite and any two disjoint edges are part of a perfect matching. Our perspective allows us to observe that Barnette’s Conjecture can be reduced to cubic, planar braces. We show a similar reduction to braces for cubic, 3-connected, bipartite graphs regarding four stronger versions of Hamiltonicity. Note that in these cases we do not need planarity. As a practical application of these results, we provide some supplements to a generation procedure for cubic, 3-connected, planar, bipartite graphs discovered by Holton et al. [Hamiltonian Cycles in Cubic 3-Connected Bipartite Planar Graphs, JCTB, 1985]. These allow us to check whether a graph we generated is a brace.

    Joint work with Sebastian Wiederrecht und Raphael Steiner.

vendredi 20 mai
samedi 21 mai
dimanche 22 mai
lundi 23 mai
mardi 24 mai
mercredi 25 mai
jeudi 26 mai
vendredi 27 mai
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dimanche 29 mai
lundi 30 mai
mardi 31 mai

Juin 2022

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mercredi 1 juin
jeudi 2 juin
  • 10 h 00 min – 11 h 00 min Lars Jaffke, «A logic-based algorithmic meta-theorem for mim-width»
    Lars Jaffke, «A logic-based algorithmic meta-theorem for mim-width»
    10 h 00 min – 11 h 00 min

    We introduce a logic called distance neighborhood logic with acyclicity and connectivity constraints (A&C DN for short) which extends existential MSO1 with predicates for querying neighborhoods of vertex sets and for verifying connectivity and acyclicity of vertex sets in various powers of a graph. Building upon [Bergougnoux and Kanté, ESA 2019; SIDMA 2021], we show that the model checking problem for every fixed A&C DN formula is solvable in n^O(w) time when the input graph is given together with a branch decomposition of mim-width w. Nearly all problems that are known to be solvable in polynomial time given a branch decomposition of constant mim-width can be expressed in this framework. We add several natural problems to this list, including problems asking for diverse sets of solutions.

    Our model checking algorithm is efficient whenever the given branch decomposition of the input graph has small index in terms of the d-neighborhood equivalence [Bui-Xuan, Telle, and Vatshelle, TCS 2013]. We therefore unify and extend known algorithms for tree-width, clique-width and rank-width. Our algorithm has a single-exponential dependence on these three width measures and asymptotically matches run times of the fastest known algorithms for several problems. This results in algorithms with tight run times under the Exponential Time Hypothesis (ETH) for tree-width and clique-width; the above mentioned run time for mim-width is nearly tight under the ETH for several problems as well. Our results are also tight in terms of the expressive power of the logic: we show that already slight extensions of our logic make the model checking problem para-NP-hard when parameterized by mim-width plus formula length.

    Joint work with Benjamin Bergougnoux and Jan Dreier.

vendredi 3 juin
samedi 4 juin
dimanche 5 juin
lundi 6 juin
mardi 7 juin
mercredi 8 juin
jeudi 9 juin
  • 10 h 00 min – 11 h 00 min Daniel Gonçalves, «On comparable box dimension»
    Daniel Gonçalves, «On comparable box dimension»
    10 h 00 min – 11 h 00 min
    E.3.23 Bâtiment 4 LIRMM,

    Two boxes in $\mathbb{R}^d$ are comparable if one of them is a subset
    of a translation of the other. The comparable box dimension of a graph
    $G$ is the minimum integer $d$ such that $G$ can be represented as a
    touching graph of comparable axis-aligned boxes in $\mathbb{R}^d$. We
    show that proper minor-closed classes have bounded comparable box
    dimension and explore further properties of this notion. In particular we show that graphs with bounded comparable box dimension are treewidth fragile.

    Joint work with Z. Dvořák, Abhiruk Lahiri, Jane Tan, and Torsten Ueckerdt

vendredi 10 juin
samedi 11 juin
dimanche 12 juin
lundi 13 juin
mardi 14 juin
mercredi 15 juin
jeudi 16 juin
  • 10 h 00 min – 11 h 00 min Stavros Kolliopoulos, «Precedence-Constrained Covering Problems with Multiplicity Constraints»
    Stavros Kolliopoulos, «Precedence-Constrained Covering Problems with Multiplicity Constraints»
    10 h 00 min – 11 h 00 min
    Bât 4, salle du séminaire (LIRMM - RDC Entrée)

    We study the approximability of covering problems when the set of
    items chosen to satisfy the covering constraints must be a prefix of a
    given partial order. We examine the general case with multiplicity
    constraints, where item $i$ can be chosen up to $d_i$ times. For the
    basic Precedence-Constrained Knapsack problem (PCKP) we answer an open
    question of McCormick et al. and show the existence of approximation
    algorithms with strongly-polynomial bounds.

    PCKP is a special case, with a single covering constraint, of a
    Precedence-Constrained Covering Integer Program (PCCP). For a general
    PCCP where the number of covering constraints is $m \geq 1,$ we show
    that an algorithm of Pritchard and Chakrabarty for Covering Integer
    Programs can be extended to yield an $f$-approximation, where $f$ is
    the maximum number of variables with nonzero coefficients in a
    covering constraint. This is nearly-optimal under standard
    complexity-theoretic assumptions and rather surprisingly matches the
    bound known for the problem without precedence constraints.

    Joint work with Antonis Skarlatos.

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Juillet 2022

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Août 2022

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Septembre 2022

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jeudi 29 septembre
vendredi 30 septembre

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Octobre 2022

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samedi 29 octobre
dimanche 30 octobre
lundi 31 octobre

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Novembre 2022

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mercredi 2 novembre
jeudi 3 novembre
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dimanche 20 novembre
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mardi 22 novembre
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jeudi 24 novembre
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samedi 26 novembre
dimanche 27 novembre
lundi 28 novembre
mardi 29 novembre
mercredi 30 novembre

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Décembre 2022

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samedi 17 décembre
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jeudi 22 décembre
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mardi 27 décembre
mercredi 28 décembre
jeudi 29 décembre
vendredi 30 décembre
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Janvier 2023

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Février 2023

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lundi 27 février
mardi 28 février

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Mars 2023

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Avril 2023

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dimanche 30 avril

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