LIRMM HRP-4 Inaugural Workshop

2014/03/06-07 Saint Priest Amphitheater, Saint Priest campus, Montpellier

In the frame of the French program RobotEx, the LIRMM was equipped with Kawada’s HRP-4 humanoid robot. For its inaugural setting, we decided to gather a number of researchers worldwide to a scientific workshop on humanoid robotics, its current state-of-the-art achievements, its relation with human and its potential applications. This half and full day workshop will be hold at LIRMM.

Interactive Digital Human 

Thursday 6 March 2014 (14h00 – 17h00)
Thursday 7 March 2014 ( 9h00 – 17h00)



  • Dr. Borghesan Gianni, Prof. Bruyninckx Herman and Prof. de Schutter Joris, KU Leuven (Katholieke Universiteit Leuven), 
    Description, Implementation and Scheduling of Tasks in  constraint-based formalism(s)
  • Dr. Calinon Sylvain, Italian Institute of Technology (IIT)
    Learning by imitation and exploration with the COMAN humanoid robot  
  • Dr. Clerc Vincent, Aldebaran Robotics
    Humanoid robots from research to industry
  • Dr. Ferro Francesco, President PAL Robotics
     REEM-C: design and applications
  • Dr. Harada Kensuke, AIST-IS, 
    Manipulation Planning for Dual-Arm Industrial Manipulators
  • Dr. Kazuhito Yokoi, AIST-IS Deputy Director, Humanoid RG leader, 
    Humanoid robotics at AIST
  • Dr. Kheddar Abderrahmane, CNRS-UM2 LIRMM IDH – CNRS-AIST JRL
    Welcome keynote and Interactive Digital Human group activities
  • Dr. Laumond Jean-Paul, LAAS-CNRS, 
    Seven years of research on HRP2-14 at LAAS-CNRS
  • Prof. Mombaur Katja, Ruprecht-Karls-Universität Heidelberg,
    Model-based optimization for humanoid robots
  • Prof. Murray Andrew, University of Dayton,
    From high order polynomials to low degree of freedom machines: An overview of research in the design of innovative machines lab
  • Prof. Okada Kei, University of Tokyo
    Whole-body behavior control of humanoid robots for high-load tasks
  • Dr. Ott Christian, DLR,
    Compliant humanoid robots developed at DLR
  • Dr. Wieber Pierre-Brice, Inria Rhônes Alpes, Bipop
    Controlling dynamic balance with ingredients from Model Predictive Control and Lexicographic Optimization
  • Dr. Yamane Katsu, Disney Research, 
    Making robotic characters look alive and expressive
  • Dr. Yoshida Eiichi, CNRS-AIST JRL, 
    Humanoid robot as physical mannequin

Place and accommodation:

Local chair: Dr François Keith

Registration (free) by mail only: keith_[at] 

The accommodation details (venue to the amphitheatre, hotels...) are provided in the following document:


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