The Communications unit comprises 2 communication professionals who answer directly to the Lab’s Executive Director.

It ensures the overall consistency and accuracy of the LIRMM’s numerous internal and external communications.

It is not only responsible for the organization of the many internal events related to the Lab’s daily operations, but also for that of large-scale international conferences, along with their media promotion and financial and logistical management.

It provides its partners and scientific conference organizers with numerous customizable institutional communication tools.

As a long-time member of the Montpellier Press Club (900 members), the LIRMM’s Communications Manager highlights and promotes the media coverage of the Lab’s research activities by leading and activating her journalist and communications professional networks. In turn, she responds to requests from journalists and other professionals, acting as a relay between our researchers and the press, ensuring that information about the LIRMM is conveyed accurately and in the best conditions for all.

She produces various bilingual communications media for the Lab’s Executive Team, the Departments and the Research Teams, and is responsible for the editorial content of the Lab's website, which is updated daily in the News” section.

Finally, she provides assistance and guidance to any lab member with communication needs.

Promoting Scientific Culture

The LIRMM’s scientific research production in the field of Information Science and Technology is recognized worldwide. Thanks to this scientific legitimacy, the Lab actively participates in numerous general public events for the "dissemination and promotion of scientific and technical culture". This commitment reflects several objectives:

  • To provide the public with a better understanding of scientific and technical developments affecting our daily lives
  • To make digital science accessible to all so we can be familiar with its main foundations
  • To use our Science and Society debates to explore new research themes and contribute to the industrial and technological choices of tomorrow
  • To foster the international reputation of French research
  • To promote Science careers

The many scientific mediation events organized by the LIRMM between 2008 and 2018 included: [Suggestion pour du traducteur pour mise à jour : In the previous decade, the LIRMM has organized several scientific mediation events targeting various audiences. Such events included:]

  1. Youth Education Actions
  2. Student Challenges
  3. General Public Events
  4. Scientific Presentations
  5. ‘Science and Society’ Debates
  6. Cultural Events
  7. Media Events

Press Relations

Press Contacts and Authorizations

Journalists – Do you have a paper to write and want to meet LIRMM PhD Students or Researchers? Contact the Communications Unit: we will act as relay with our Lab members.

You must request an official Executive Team-issued authorization to film or take photographs on the Lab’s premises. Send your Authorization Requests to the Communications Unit at least one week before your visit.

Please contact us for any further information.


Virginie Fèche
Communications Manager
Tel : 04 67 41 85 08

Mégane Miquel
Communications Assistant
Tel : 04 67 41 85 03


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