Hierarchies for categorial attributes

Considering relational tables as the object of analysis, methods to summarize them can help the analyst to have a starting point to explore the data. Typically, table summarization aims at producing an informative data summary through the use of metadata supplied by attribute taxonomies. To overcome these limitations, we propose a new framework, named cTabSum, to automatically generate attribute value taxonomies and directly perform table summarization based on its own content. Interestingly, our prototype incorporates some additional features to help the user familiarizing with the data: (i) the resulting summarized table produced by cTabSum can be used as recommended starting point to browse the data; (ii) some very easy-to-understand charts allow to vi- sualize how taxonomies have been so built; (iii) finally, standard OLAP operators, i.e. drill-down and roll-up, have been implemented to easily navigate within the data set.


Last update on 20/01/2015