SenterritoireViewer is a tool developed in collaboration with IRSTEA and CIRAD in the context of land-use planning. It is a web application available for land-use planning professionals to help them to understand and visualize large amounts of opinions related to spatio-temporal datas. However, it is extremely challenging to link opinions to these kinds of informations.
The application is based on a map divided into an global opinion viewer and two spatial and temporal viewers associated allowing you to visualize difference kinds of opinions (extracted from texts) related to a period and a spatial feature. The user may at any time move, zoom in on different areas and choose related opinions in order to visualize relevant extracts of documents. Different pie charts presented when you click on a geographic area highlight the evolution in time of public opinion in this area. The different modules are synchronized and movements on the timeline causes changes displaying opinions on the map and vice versa.


Last update on 20/01/2015