Genes sequences visualisation

Sequence Viewers developed in collaboration with the TEXT team of the LIRMM is a web application used by biologists to help them to understand and visualize large amounts of gene sequences. This application offers an intuitive navigation interface and is based on three different representations: clouds (see Figure 1) tree map (see Figure 2) and solar system (see Figure 3).


Figure 1 - Clouds

The Clouds allow to view groups of sequences. Each group is identified by a red center. Centers are placed according to their distance to others centers. The user may at any time move, zoom, display a sequence or other informations.


Figure 2 - TreeMap based on the hierarchy of sequences


The treemap is based on the hierarchy of sequences and on the number of sequence associated to a node of the hierarchy. All the leaves are displayed according to their proportion in the class. The user can then navigate through the hierarchy (drill-down, drill-up)


Figure 3 - SOLAR System pour afficher les articles associés

The Solar System enable to see a sequence with the best documents to analyse this sequence. These documents are automatically extracted from PubMed. The sequence is in the center and the documents are positioned according to their relevance and their year of publication.
These results have led to a publication in the Journal of Biomedical Informatics in 2011.

Last update on 20/01/2015