EXPLORE: Robotique mobile pour l'exploration de l'environnement

The EXPLORE team conducts research on exploratory robotics in underwater, aerial, and terrestrial environments. Special care is taken to ensure that the developed and/or controlled robotic systems achieve energetic and decisional autonomy. The team members come from complementary robotics research areas, from software architecture analysis and design to navigation, guidance and control design, as well as dependability, locomotion theory, and multi-modal data fusion. Collectively, they aim to develop reliable mobile robotic systems capable of carrying out complex and useful missions, and are met with the challenge presented by the intuitive trade-off between system reliability and mission complexity.

Thématiques scientifiques de l'équipe Explore


  •  REEA : Robotique d'exploration de l'environnement aquatique
  •  R.Hex : Robot Hexapode pour l'intervention en milieu naturel fragile



Associates & Students

Research topics

  • Contrôle
  • Architecture logicielle
  • Sûreté de fonctionnement et garantie de performance
  • Représentation de la connaissance


  • Robotique sous-marine
  • Robotique terrestre
  • Robotique aérienne
  • Architecture logicielle

Publications 2014 - 2019: Evaluation period

International Journals


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International Communications


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Exploration intégrée de l’environnement

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