gem5 Trace-Driven Simulation


Gem5 Simulator System

For more information about Gem5 Accuracy Evaluation please read the paper:


For more information about our TD approach please read the paper:



Our trace-driven implementation is compatible with the last stable version of gem5 (Oct 2014). To download the last version of gem5-stable:

hg clone

In order to collect and replay traces you can apply our patch (link below):

patch < TD-v1.patch

Link to download the patch: TD-v1

Please do not forget to compile gem5.opt file before. Note that our implementation was tested with ARM ISA. However it can be easily adopted to other ISAs.

scons build/ARM/gem5.opt

The test script file for TD simulation is gem5-stable/configs/example/ This file contains the path to the test traces:

traces_4th = [  '../traces/hotspot/body/4th_32kb_1s_3ns_30ns_2ghz_0.tra',

These traces are collected by running the Rodinia benchmark Hotspot application on the top of the following architecture: 4 ARM cores, 2GHz core clock, 32 kB I/D cache size, 3ns L1 cache latency , 30ns DDR memory latency. Put the mentioned files (link below) to the right folder.

Link to download the trace files: hotspot.tar

To run the test script :

build/ARM/gem5.opt configs/example/

If you have more questions feel free to contact us.


BUTKO Anastasiia