Ph.D position in Exploration of energy-proportional distributed systems

Title: Exploration of energy-proportional distributed systems

IntroductionEnergy-efficiency has emerged as a primary concern in several areas such as microelectronics and computer sciences. Significant research effort is being put forth to define innovative solutions at several levels ranging from technology (FinFET, FDSOI, emerging non-volatile memory technologies), logic (adiabatic) to software layers of compute systems. At the compute architecture level, recent research directions such as energy-proportional systems or normally-off computing are notably regarded as promising and constitute the foundations of the proposed Ph.D. topic.

The ADAC group is intensively investigating disruptive approaches for furthering the observed benefits of such systems. The principle of these investigations lie in regarding energy as a finite resource that may be allocated in the same way as memory and processing resources.

From such capabilities emerge novel optimization problems (energy rationing, scheduling, mapping etc) that are envisioned to be explored in the proposed thesis using a preliminary existing physical prototype and some others yet to be defined on the basis of the learnings. The related research directions are open, especially concerning possible application domains, and will be decided on the basis of the opportunities.

About ADAC: The ADAC group is part of the microelectronics department of the LIRMM laboratory and is composed of 7 permanent-staff members (from both the University of Montpellier and CNRS) that together with around 20 Ph.D. candidates and post-doctoral fellows conduct research in the frame of several national and EU-funded (FP7, H2020) projects. Research topics share the common motivation of designing smart systems capable of self-adapting to time-changing conditions, and comprise the exploration of innovative multicore / multiprocessor systems for both embedded and high-performance computing, emerging non-volatile memory technologies and security.

KeywordsEnergy-proportional systems, energy efficiency, distributed systems, High-Performance Computing, Computer systems, Smart grids, Energy harvesting.

Expected profiles: Computer Architecture / Electrical Engineering / Computer Sciences



Name: Abdoulaye GAMATIE


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