- Intelligence Artificielle

Cette plateforme regroupe les travaux du LIRMM dans le domaine de l'intelligence artificielle, en particulier, la représentation des connaissances et des raisonnements.

Cette plateforme est administrée par le service Réseaux du LIRMM.


COGUI is a free graph-based visual tool, developed in Java, for building  Conceptual Graph knowledge bases represented in COGXML format, compatible with Cogitant.

GRAAL is a Java toolkit dedicated to querying knowledge bases within the framework of existential rules, aka Datalog+/-.

AOC poset builder (or pruned concept hierarchy, or Galois Sub-hierarchy) is the sub-order of the concept lattice restricted to Attribute-Concepts (highest concept introducing an attribute) and Object-Concepts (lowest concept introducing an object).

IBEX is a C++ library for constraint processing over real numbers.

QUACQ is a novel active learning tool (QUick ACQuisition) to learn constraint networks by asking the user to classify partial assignments as positive or negative.

DisChoco is a Java library platform for Distributed Constraints Reasoning (DCR).

MaDKit is a multiagent-based development platform written in Java. MaDKit is designed to easily build distributed applications and simulations using the multiagent paradigm and features.

TurtleKit is an open source library for simulating artificial life models based on the Logo programming language.


Responsable technique: Alain GUTIERREZ

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